The Baloo Bush Retreat - Case Study

Nestled amongst the bushlands of Woollamia, one of our customers Harry has created a small eco getaway called The Baloo Bush Retreat. Specifically designed as a couples retreat, the space boasts an epic outdoor shower, a portable tiny house, a roofed outdoor kitchen and a Nature Loo composting toilet, with other features such as swinging beds in the trees.

There were many reasons why Harry opted for the composting toilet:-

  • The cost both economically and environmentally far outweighed conventional systems.
  • The ease of simply installing the cedar house and toilet and it’s done.
  • No need for water, piping, plumbers, etc.
  • No need for council approval (in my area), and
  • The environmentally conscious and awareness message that the toilet sends to all clients of the retreat.

The initial reaction from clients was amazement! Clients often came to the retreat thinking that the composting toilet may smell, but were amazed to see that the toilet doesn’t smell at all. If anything the toilet had now become an asset to the retreat.

Harry says he would most definitely recommend a composting toilet to others. They are literally so easy, better for the environment, cheap and they don’t smell.



Nature Loo / Ecoflo was the first supplier of composting toilets to be certified to New Zealand and Australian Standard 1546.2

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