When the Ikurangi Eco Retreat were looking for a composting toilet system for their eco-friendly cabins they wanted something that looked and felt as close to a ‘normal’ toilet as possible. This would allow their guests to have a great experience at the resort without freaking out a little about the bathroom situation!

The Nature-loo range was the perfect compromise on style, usability and ‘eco-friendliness’ that co-owner Matt Scowcroft loved.

“We’ve had a few guests who weren’t so sure about the composting loos when they first arrived, but after a day or so they come and tell us how ‘normal’ it feels, with a few folks even looking into putting similar systems in their own homes.”

Reducing the impact on the pristine environment was a high priority for the Ikurangi Eco Retreat – finding a waterless toilet system that was low maintenance and used little to no energy was a bonus!

Talk to us today about our low impact, eco-friendly toilets.


Nature Loo / Ecoflo was the first supplier of composting toilets to be certified to New Zealand and Australian Standard 1546.2

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