Fascinating ways that people setup their eco-toilets

Like everything in life, things get interesting when you add a little spice to it. This goes for all sorts of things in our world – food, love, music, homes... you name it, whatever we take for granted every day, guaranteed there’s other people around the world doing it in a different or unusual way. Some people are scrunchers, others are folders. Some like to sit, others prefer to squat. This is what makes different cultures, people and places so interesting.

As they say, variety is the spice of life so with this in mind we’ve decided to share some of the different and fascinating ways our customers have set up their eco-friendly waterless composting toilets.

Getting Back to Nature

Dave from NSW obviously likes doing things a little differently. His property is filled with the sounds of animals, birds and the bush. Going with an outdoor toilet and shower combo allows you to really get back to nature with a Nature-loo. The added extra of the wooden toilet seat adds a nice touch.

We’re not too sure here in the office how comfortable it would be going to the loo or having a shower in the dead of winter… but what’s life without a little adventure, hey?

Alpine National Park

Stretching from central Gippsland all the way to the New South Wales border where it adjoins Kosciuszko National Park, the Alpine National Park is truly a beautiful part of Australia. If you’re bushwalking, horse riding, hiking or simply out for a day walk chances are you’re going to come across one of our loos.

If you happen to come across the one pictured here, you better leave your modesty at the door :-)

The Great Aussie Outhouse

When you have a climate such as ours, is it any wonder that Aussies want to spend as much time as they can in the outdoors? We love a good Barbie on the patio, jumping in the pool and backyard cricket so is it any wonder that many Aussies want to go back to the good-old-days of having an outhouse? (For those of you under the age of about 30 - an outhouse is a toilet that’s in a small building away from the house… and yes, it’s also the one with a redback on the seat)

This particular model looks amazing in rough hewn timber and tin roof. Even without the door I can imagine it’s an amazing view from the inside! Just the place to contemplate your life when you’re… well, you get the idea :-)

The Beachside Boom Box

You know how some people need the sound of water to go to the toilet? In this great example of a shed / toilet crossover you will never lack the sound of water. Using an Ecolet NE, this inventive little WC has everything you need in there, including a Cricket Bat! (perhaps that’s to kill the redbacks)

Room With a View

When some people do things they like to do it in style. We just love this room with a view. Firstly the construction is an amazing job so we would like to give a nod to the tradies that put this together. We also love the fact that the Nature-loo has been put within the triangular box that enables the user to ‘hide’ the toilet component if they want to use the room as a little reading nook.

If you take a closer look at the bookshelf you will see there’s a few books in there about native Australian birds – what a great place to sit back and do a little bird watching when you’re going about your business.

This is by far one of our favourite loos that have been shared with us by one of our customers.

The Minimalist Approach

Some people like to drive expensive cars, eat at fancy restaurants and live in the razzle dazzle of big city lights. Other people want a little shack in the bush to get away from people like that. These are the people who enjoy the benefits of simple living and stripping things back to the bare minimum.

Take a look at some of these minimalist waterless toilet setups to see that you don’t really need four walls to get on with things.

The Gypsy Rover

There’s a company in the UK called Blackdown Shepherd Huts who make amazing mobile Shepard Huts that also, in many cases, incorporate a composting toilet. Take a look at this amazing little number using a Natureloo. The workmanship and detail that goes into every one of their cabins is simply stunning.


Nature Loo / Ecoflo was the first supplier of composting toilets to be certified to New Zealand and Australian Standard 1546.2

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